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    Mail+ : Better office email

    Access your business communication when and how you want. The desktop feel of office email is now specifically designed for mobile business users. Keep work and personal separate without missing an email, invite, or task.

All-in-one Solution

Combine all of your must-haves. Easily access your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks using a seamless experience. Stop wasting time fumbling between apps to look at your schedule before responding to an email – now you are just one click away.

Separate Personal & Professional

You have a life outside of the office. Enjoy your iOS device without the constant ping from work. When you are ready to connect with the office, quickly open Mail+ for your latest emails, invites, and tasks... on your schedule.

User Experience

Avoid the pinch-and-zoom experience of checking email in your browser. Instead of repeatedly entering passcodes or allowing your company to access your personal device, Mail+ can securely access your mail, calendar, and contacts.

Multiple Accounts

Easily view the emails and calendars of all your accounts within with just a few taps. Get access to all of your email accounts fluidly in one app.

Push Notifications

Get instant notification of new emails or upcoming calendar appointments.

Offline Access

View your emails or appointments on the plane, send emails, create new events, and when you are reconnected to a network all of your data syncs correctly.

Frequently Updated

Mail+ is updated regularly with fixes for bugs and new features.

Business Focused

We don't try to teach you a new way to stay up-to-date with your office needs, but instead present your information as business professionals are used to.

Easy to Use

Intuitive design coupled with an approach to the interface that users have come to expect make Mail+ straightforward and fun to use.

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Robust Feature Set

Get access to all the features you are used to on a desktop, redesigned for your fingertips.

Rich HTML Support

Create professional looking, easy-to-read emails straight from your iOS device.

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Calendar Functionality

View your upcoming appointments on the go. Create new meeting requests and use the scheduling assistant to make sure the meeting works for all attendees.

Scheduling Assistant

Find the time for your meetings that work with all attendees quickly using scheduling assistant.


Cloud Integration

Add attachments directly from Box and Dropbox.

Inbox Zero

Easily filter emails based on Unread, Flagged, and Attachments to easily find the emails relevent to you. Quickly turn an email into an event or task for follow up later.

Out of Office Tasks


View your upcoming appointments on the go. Create new meeting requests and use the scheduling assistant to make sure the meeting works for all attendees.

Out of Office

Easily enable or disable your OOF. Set up a time period for your OOF to be active, or leave the time period off to be marked as Out of Office indefinitely. Set up separate auto replies for internal and external messages.



Enjoy the same experience on all iOS devices with unique interfaces designed for the device.

Be Productive

Quickly flag or delete messages or reply using the swipe menu.


What people say:

"Excellent unified app for my work Exchange mail, calendar, etc. Mail is a great all-in-one app containing my important Exchange features to keep me in contact with everything for work. Much better than using three apps from Apple for email, calendar, and contacts." - thebear78

"Worth the money. In my situation, in order to setup my phone to use the Exchange account using the built-in mail app, I will have to install their "Big Brother" app. But this app allows me to get my work email using Outlook Web Access." - UND Fighting Sioux

"Excellent app. For those whose business IT policies do not allow a direct exchange server connection, this app is the next best thing. Using the owa web interface, the gui provides an Outlook like experience. I was an early adopter and have seen a host of new features in response to customer requests. Now I receive email, download attachments and manage my calendar." - Timothy Lewis

"Great Outlook App. Can you say Outlook in your pocket? Great way to use your Outlook away from the office. Fast and works great." - cavemenfootball